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Fields: An Itinerant Inquiry Across the Kingdom of Cambodia

Editors: Charlotte Huddleston and Roger Nelson

Contributors: Vera Mey, Charlotte Huddleston, Roger Nelson, Arin Runjang, Janita Craw, Erin Gleeson, Julia Moritz, Soth Polin, Alex Monteith, Albert Samreth, Hsu Fang-Tze, Amy Lee Standord, Luke Willis Thompson, and Sarah Munro

Publisher: ST PAUL St Publishing (Aotearoa, New Zealand), and Sa Sa Bassac (Phnom Penh, Cambodia).

Translation in English and Khmer: Sok Leang and Sum Sithen; proofreading by Tith Kanitha.

Date: 2015

ISBN: 978-0-9922463-1-0

Price: $20.00

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