St Paul st Gallery AUT


breathing space/space breathing

Lucy Boermans, Michelle Mayn, Yana Dombrowsky-M’Baye and Shelley Simpson

28 Jan 2023 - 11 Mar 2023

Gallery One

breathing space/space breathing

Image: metamoderncreatives, 2023.

A metamodern installation

breathing space/space breathing is a site-responsive, dialogical work between 4 artists, Lucy Boermans, Michelle Mayn, Yana Dombrowsky-M’Baye and Shelley Simpson, opening Thursday 26th January at 6pm, St Paul’s Street Gallery 1, then showing, Friday 27 January - Friday 3 February 2023. (10am-4pm daily).

The slow (10-day) install was positioned in relation to a forthcoming interdisciplinary symposium, The Metamodern in Literature, Art, Education, and Indigenous Cosmologies, to be held in the Brightside space on Thursday 26th and Friday 27th January 2023. (WZ building, next to Mojo café), 31 Symonds Street).

Boermans invited participants with a site-specific practice to explore a loosely defined frame of space - emotive, intellectual, physical – in motion, to consider and respond to the architectural space; placed works grew and evolved with one other over the course of the installation period.

The installation process beckoned interaction between self and other(s). It looked to ‘segments’ of creative separation, dialogue, and responsive connection. It encouraged curious, playful, and giving dialogues and polyphonies, in a metamodern approach that proposed a “positioning” which extended over time, permitting seeds of thought to pass back and forth in empathetic exchange.

It asked of participant(s) to simply “enter-in”, into a space of trust and mutual respect, whereby processual “being” explored fields of change and exchange in “fluid open spaces and transient breathing architectures”. (Yates 2009)

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