St Paul st Gallery AUT


PhD exhibitions Anthems of Belonging by Olivia Webb and While You’re On Your Way by Lance Pearce

Developed in conjunction with practice-led PhD research at the Auckland University of Technology

Olivia Webb: Anthems of Belonging

ST PAUL St Gallery One

22 Nov 2019 - 7 Dec 2019

Olivia Webb, Anthems of Belonging

Olivia Webb, Anthems of Belonging, The Tiibin Family, 2019. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Workshop with specal guest Erebuka Tiibin
2 December, 12.30pm – 1.30pm
ST PAUL St Gallery One 

For 18-months Olivia Webb worked closely with five New Zealand families to write songs that reflect their feelings about place and belonging in Aotearoa. Each of the families, including the artist’s own, have composed an anthem that embraces their values, concerns, and aspirations - from the climate crisis in Kiribati to songs of thanksgiving to those who love unconditionally. Brought together in this exhibition, these songs form a collective expression of our community today, acknowledging the rich diversity and constantly changing nature of Aotearoa.

As part of this exhibition, Olivia will hold two free public workshops at St Paul St Gallery One. The workshop on Monday 2 December, 12.30pm - 1.30pm will be lead with help from special guest Erebuka Tiibin, who will teach us some of her family anthem. This is a rare opportunity to learn to speak (and sing) some I-Kiribati, and a time to practise some of the exercises that helped each family compose their anthem. All are welcome to attend. Second workshop details to be announced.

Anthems of Belonging will also be exhibiting at The Dowse Art Museum, Friday 29 November 2019 – 22 March 2020. As part of her exhibition at The Dowse, Olivia Webb will also be giving an artist talk on Sunday 1 December, 2pm. For more information, click here.

Lance Pearce: While You're On Your Way

ST PAUL St Gallery Two

22 Nov 2019 - 7 Dec 2019

Lance Pearce, Fr Brian Keogh hand bell

Lance Pearce, Fr Brian Keogh, Abbot at Kopua Monastery, has loaned out the bell used to call guests together for meals, 2019. Photo courtesy of the artist.

While You’re On Your Way addresses questions around possible roles for the title that is given for an artwork — whether that title be indicative, descriptive, allusive, expansive, essential, essentialising, controlling, complicating, playful, distractive, elusive, unreliable, or otherwise more than simply a label. The title may play various simultaneous roles depending on the work and the spectator, and their context of encounter. Absence of a title may in itself speak volumes: of omission, refusal, or asserted silence. While a title is not separate from the work of art, questions arise not only about the distinct significance of any title, but also about titling as a category of literature that serves to provoke thought, feeling, imagination. A title inevitably establishes filters and seeds trajectories for feeling and thinking in response to a work of art—for how ‘meaning’ may emerge. Yet such meanings are never determining; a title might be a provocateur but should not become the comptroller. Sensory experience is not directly translatable, even if a title appears to signify summarily. Titles develop between language’s conventions and excesses, where different registers of meaning intersect and interact, and where perception unfolds between emerging, changing and proliferating possibilities: this being the work that the spectator brings to the work of art.