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Eden Arts Art Schools Award

Naomi Allan, Gabriella Bowden, Ethan Coombridge, Vivian Jin, Natasha Knight, Matthew Lietz, Rhea Maheshwari, Tehlor-Lina Mareko, Samuel Montgomery, Saynab Muse, Luca Nicholas, Cosette O’Connell, Harriet Reihana, Emmanuel Sarmiento, Evelyn Tautakitaki, Joshua Thompson, Jasmine Tuia, Michaela van der Laan, Edward Wheeler and Qiwen Xu

20 July 2018 - 3 August 2018

Evelyn Tautakitaki, Pukepuke ‘a e Lea Tonga (detail), 2018. Overall winner of Eden Arts Art Schools Award 2018. Photo: Sam Hartnett.

Now in its eighth year, the Eden Arts Art Schools Award brings together undergraduates from Central Auckland's four major art institutions: AUT, Elam, Unitec and Whitecliffe.

Five students were nominated from each School and their work was judged anonymously by the judging panel: artists Denys Watkins and Peata Larkin, and Te Tuhi Artistic Director Gabriela Salgado.

Congratulations to overall winner, Evelyn Tautakitaki (AUT), who received $5,000 for her work Pukepuke ‘a e Lea Tonga. Highly commended students Michaela van der Laan (Unitec), Samuel Montgomery (Unitec) and Vivian Jin (Elam), received $1,000 each. The Eden Arts Board’s Choice worth $500 was awarded to Rhea Maheshwari (AUT).

Eden Arts is a charitable arts trust formed over 30 years ago with the purpose of supporting the arts in the greater Mt Eden area. For more information about Eden Arts, please visit

Photos: Sam Hartnett

Front: Evelyn Tautakitaki (AUT), Pukepuke ‘a e Lea Tonga, 2018. Overall Winner. Left: Natasha Knight (Whitecliffe), Intoxicated but acting normally, 2018. Back: Rhea Maheshwari, Inter Mundos I, 2018. Board's Choice. Right: Naomi Allan (Elam), Feel Free to Eavesdrop Love, 2018.

Front: Michaela van der Laan (Unitec), In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, 2018. Highly commended. Back: Matthew Lietz (AUT), Emulsion Sensitive, 2018.

Front: Samuel Montgomery (Unitec), Father of the Mothers, 2018. Highly commended. Back: Edward Wheeler (Unitec),  Autocatastrophic, 2018.

Vivian Jin (Elam), Disaster Series, 2018. Highly Commended.

Cosette O’Connell (AUT), Unititled, 2018.