St Paul st Gallery AUT

Past Exhibitions

PhD exhibition: Ziggy Lever: title (to be specified)

1 December 2017 - 8 December 2017

Gallery One

Ziggy Lever, Crystallising Universe, 2016. Photo: courtesy of the artist.

"A form of synchronic research plays an important part in my work, in which I re-turn materials, sitting sometimes for a long time, waiting for a trace to follow. Slowly, as this research gestates and unfolds, a kind of temporary condition can arise where archive becomes image. This idea of research as a tracing or staking out of terrain has led me to a mode of installation practice in which a modular and temporary framework sets up the conditions for things to play out.  The question of contiguity in the field is investigated via enfoldment and entanglement in a textural interlocution, where these terms articulate the field and the trace in the production of subjectivities.

In this research, installation borders are considered as porous, interstices liminal and littoral as they oscillate. Installation is the field where these discourses meet, in a swirling of energy and matter the gravitational pull of contiguous elements form waves/waveforms that temporarily suspend the structure, meaning, and veracity of discourse. Images are textual conditions of the field in dynamic flux." — Ziggy Lever, 2017.

This exhibition was developed in conjunction with practice-led PhD research at Auckland University of Technology.