St Paul st Gallery AUT

Past Exhibitions

Weakforce 4

Bruce Barber, Benji Bradley, Liz Bird, Anthony Cribb, Paul Cullen, Eugene Hansen, Joe Jowitt, Laresa Kosloff, Lee Ihnbum, Ziggy Lever, Kim Morgan, Deborah Rundle, Matthew Sansom, Daniel von Sturmer, Andy Thomson, Layne Waerea, Suh Youngsun, and invited guests.

22 November 2013 - 20 December 2013

Weakforce4, 2013.

Over the duration of Weakforce4, artworks, events and happenings will take place in the Gallery spaces. Some are scheduled, others will develop during the course of the project.

Energetic relations are co-opted by Weakforce4 to produce a sequence of related art works and projects. Artists and invited guests will work together to realise works that differently examine the language, systems, structures and stereotypes that often determine the types and qualities of energetic relations between individuals, groups, objects, sites and spaces.

Weakforce4 is the fourth Weakforce project associated with UFT (Unified Field Theory)

The aim of the umbrella project UFT is to locate and represent the social as the generative dynamic of co-operative creative work. Weakforce4 projects are generated by concepts embedded in the UFT project that explore how artists can work together.