St Paul st Gallery AUT

Past Exhibitions


Ulf Aminde, Edith Amituanai, Roderick Buchanan, Scott Eady, Jamie-Lee Harding, Murray Hewitt, Julie Henry, Erik Levine, Ingeborg Lüscher, Lutz & Guggisberg, Jim Speers and Salla Tykkä

21 June 2007 - 20 July 2007

Offside (installation view), 2007.

The exhibition Offside covers a wide range of works from funny (Lutz & Guggisberg), entertaining (Ingeborg Lüscher) to scary (Murray Hewitt), compelling (Roderick Buchanan) and disturbing (Erik Levine and Salla Tykkä). The show does not aim to have an easy and fashionable critical view on sports, but to explore how artists use the topic 'sports' to talk about power and obedience, identity and loss, despair and belief.