St Paul st Gallery AUT

Past Exhibitions

Funky Razors

Curated by Ross Liew with Emma Bugden and Leonhard Emmerling

3 May 2007 - 8 June 2007

Funky Razors (installation view), 2007.

'Who's got the funk?' asks George Clinton - surely not a household razor. So what's with Funky Razors then? Funky Razors draws on the idea of funk to survey cultural production outside of the art gallery.

Curator Ross Liew says 'Funky Razors examines the cultural product and productions that come from these diverse communities, extending to elements of behavior, dress, style, attitudes, and approach. Culture is the participant as much as it is the process and product.'

The gallery space is used to uncover the richness of cultural life throughout Auckland, to make visible what is hidden, make public what is private, and to give value to what is often regarded as trash. Established collectives such as Fleet FM and the Craftwerk fair are profiled alongside little known groups such as The Shoe Kings, with one of Auckland’s largest sneaker collections, and a host of individual artists and musicians. Stretching across a multitude of cultural and social groups, the exhibition also spans two galleries in separate cities; ST PAUL St in central Auckland, and Te Tuhi in Manukau City.