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Time-Knots with Rebecca Ann Hobbs

18 May 2019 - 18 May 2019

Rebecca Ann Hobbs' thesis: Ngā Puia o Ihumātao (The Volcanoes of Ihumātao)

Māngere Bridge Tavern
123 Coronation Rd
Māngere Bridge
Saturday the 18th May, 5.30pm

'Time-knots' is a concept borrowed from historian Dipesh Chakrabarty. It is a translation of the Bengali expression shomoy-granthi, which Chakrabarty uses to explain how shomoy, or time, situates us within the structure of a granthi, a knot or joints of various kinds. Where history is commonly understood as a seed that grows straightforwardly into a tree, shomoy-granthi instead likens our temporal existence to a whorl in a tree or a joint in a stick of bamboo. In our lived experience of time, it directs our attention to the intersections of plural lines of histories that exist together and operate within the present.

Time-Knots at ST PAUL St is a framework to support discussions, screenings, readings, performances, and other gatherings. It brings together people, materials and ideas to constitute our present. Within these convergences, multiple pasts and futures co-exist. As Chakrabarty contends, our understanding of our complex and co-mingled times is increased through engagements with plurality.

The second event in the Time-Knots series is Time-Knots with Rebecca Ann Hobbs, a launch party for the Doctorate in Fine Arts thesis Ngā Puia o Ihumātao (The Volcanoes of Ihumātao). Bringing together the ST PAUL St Gallery, art whānau and the Ihumātao peeps, the second Time-Knots event will be situated at the half-way point between these communities – Māngere Bridge Tavern. A line-up of performers will help celebrate our coming-together, join us for a kai, kōrero and a kanikani.

Whaea & The Rumble
Ngā Hine Pūkōrero


Group gathering, speeches

In photo: Aunty Bebe and Farrell Clearly.

Group gathering, audience watching speeches

Nga Hine Pukorero performing

In photo: Ngā Hine Pūkōrero.

Whaea and The Rumble performing on stage

In photo: Whaea Ahikā (Piripi Mackie) of Whaea and The Rumble.

Whaea Ahika performing to audience

Dj and MC on stage

In photo: Balamohan Shingade and Grantis (Grant Apiata).

Ihumatao signs leaning against wall

Audience sitting watching slideshow projections

Group gathering, crowd

Group gathering, dancing

Group gathering, kids dancing