St Paul st Gallery AUT


The right here and the moving

Ella Sutherland

30 May 2014 - 25 July 2014

Ella Sutherland, The right here and the moving, 2014

Ella Sutherland’s work The right here and the moving is a propositional diagram. Borrowing the aesthetic of economic modeling, it’s an attempt to visualise two options for the artist working in a social setting: either adopting a common language, or imposing one from outside. While as a diagram it suggests linear clarity and textbook resolution, here pattern, colour and unresolved narrative are equally important. In the window space the diagram is broken down into its physical components, and operates simultaneously on multiple planes – vinyl on the glass, paint on the back wall, and smaller graphic pieces on board which inhabit a middle ground, and intimate scale in contrast to the billboard-size of the whole.

The right here and the moving responds to ST PAUL St Research Fellow Sakiko Sugawa’s project, and to the related exhibition This Home is Occupied, currently showing in Gallery One. The idea of ‘accompanying’ movements for social change is foregrounded in Sugawa’s practice. In Accompanying: Pathways to Social Change (2012), Staughton Lynd writes: ‘There's an element of mystery, of openness, in accompaniment. I'll go with you and support you on our journey wherever it leads. I'll keep you company and share your fate for a while. And by "a while," I don't mean a little while. Accompaniment is much more about sticking with a task until it's deemed completed by the person or people being accompanied, rather by the accomagnateur.’ Sutherland’s work asks what this might look like structurally, and within the abstracted language of design.

Ella Sutherland is a Christchurch-based artist and graphic designer. She graduated with an MFA from Ilam School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury in 2013 and is a co-founder of Dog Park Art Project Space in Christchurch. Recent projects include ‘The Comedy Loop’, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin, 2014; ‘The Knock-off Show’, Slopes Projects, Melbourne, 2013; ‘An unbearded, athletic youth’, The Physics Room, Christchurch, 2013; ‘Seeing Which Way the Wind Blows’ with Matt Galloway, split/fountain, Auckland, 2013; ‘Popular Brands to Steal’ for the New Artists Show, Artspace, Auckland, 2012 and ‘This That’ with Dave Marshall, Dog Park Art Project Space, Christchurch, 2012.

This was exhibited in FrontBox.