St Paul st Gallery AUT

2014 Symposium

2014 Symposium published papers: In practice: models of cultural exchange and reciprocity

Keynote presentation: 5.30pm Wednesday 18 June
Auckland Art Gallery Auditorium

The third in a series advocating for dialogue around contemporary curatorial practice in the Asia Pacific region, this year's Symposium focuses on models of cultural exchange. The two-day programme initiates a critical look at existing platforms for exchange, with an emphasis on the implications for, and obligations of contemporary practitioners in the field. A range of presentations are offered in order to both interrogate the prevailing institutions of curatorial practice, and to contemplate alternative practices that promote international exchange between curators, artists, and the institutions they affiliate with. The Symposium seeks to frame a proposition, or number of propositions, for how the contemporary institution can operate productively, perceptively and proactively as a site of exchange.
Three questions underpin the Symposium's framework. These are: what are our roles and responsibilities as institutional workers, and as both guests and hosts? What can the contemporary institution do to further effective exchange? How do we avoid repeating dominant narratives? Indigeneity and how it is represented and afforded agency is a fundamental aspect of this conversation. Mindful of prescient current discussions around the legacy of institutional critique, this framework demands an examination of how we define the institution/s of contemporary curating – to include not just public galleries and exhibition-making, but also modes of representation such as the biennial, the archive, the academic text, the conference, the residency and the research trip – and of the responsibilities of the cultural producer as individual in these social and professional contexts.


ST PAUL St Gallery 2014 Curatorial Symposium
In practice: models of cultural exchange and reciprocity

All sessions will be held in the Auckland Art Gallery Auditorium, corner Kitchener and Wellesley Streets, Auckland
Wednesday 18 June

5.30pm Registration

5.45 – 6.05pm Mihi whakatau: Elizabeth Ellis, Haerewa Chair, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki.
6.05 – 6.15pm Conveners' welcome: Abby Cunnane and Charlotte Huddleston.
6.15 –7.30pm Keynote: Erin Gleeson: The problem with sunset.

Thursday 19 June: Exchange and engagement in practice, guests and hosts

9.30am Registration
9.45am Opening comments from Asia New Foundation
10am – 10.30am Charlotte Huddleston: Introductory remarks: Reciprocal agency.
10.30 – 11am Ngahiraka Mason: Cultural awakening.
11am Hanna Scott (2010 curator tour participant).
11.10am Aaron Kreisler (2010 curator tour participant).
11.20am Stephen Cleland (2010 curator tour participant).
11.30am – Midday Rebecca Hobbs and Lucreccia Quintanilla: A series of calls and responses.

Midday – 1pm Lunch

1 – 1.30pm Fiona Amundsen: See you at Yasukuni.
1.30 – 2pm Ahilapalapa Rands: Winter sun: Strategies for staying warm.
2 – 2.30pm Natalie Robertson: Food, water and shelter: Fundamental sites of exchange.
2.30 – 3pm Vera Mey (2012 curator tour participant).
3pm Andrew Clifford (2012 curator tour participant).
3.10pm Mark Williams (2012 curator tour participant).
3.20pm Kerry Ann Lee (Asia New Zealand Foundation residency participant).
3.30pm Karl Chitham (2011 curator tour participant).
3.40 – 4.10pm Sakiko Sugawa: Accompaniment
4.15 – 4.45pm What are the roles of guest and host? Roundtable moderated by Erin Gleeson, with Karl Chitham, Stephen Cleland, Rebecca Hobbs, Aaron Kreisler, Kerry Ann Lee, Vera Mey, Lucreccia Quintanilla, Hanna Scott, Mark Williams.

Friday 20 June: Alternative modes of practice: roles and responsibilities of individual and institution

10 – 10.30am Abby Cunnane: Introductory remarks: We, the institution.
10.30 – 11am Kyongfa CHE: The texture of otherness – ready to savour it?
11 – 11.30am Meiya CHENG: Taipei Contemporary Art Center, institutional critique in practice.
11.30 – midday Nick Spratt and Taarati Taiaroa: Artist run space as open office.

Midday – 12.30pm What can the institution do? Roundtable: Fiona Amundsen, Kyongfa CHE, Meiya CHENG, Charlotte Huddleston, Nick Spratt and Taarati Taiaroa, Sakiko Sugawa.

12.30 – 1.30pm Lunch

1.30 – 2pm Candice Hopkins: The consequence of participation: ten reflections on curating Indigenous art.
2 – 2.30pm HSU Fang-Tze: Identity as an articulation – reconsidering the categorisation of Indigenous artistic practices in Taiwan based on the case of the Ideology Tribe.
2.30 – 3pm Jenny Fraser: The Other APT
3 – 3.30pm Bruce E. Phillips: Re-examining What do you mean, we?
3.30 – 4pm Alia Swastika: Curator as institution
4 – 4.30pm Megan Tamati-Quennell: Imaginings and survivance

4.30 – 5pm Resisting resolution: How do we feed this discussion into our practices, and the operation of our institutions? Roundtable moderated by Ngahiraka Mason, with Candice Hopkins, HSU Fang-Tze, Aaron Kreisler, Vera Mey, Natalie Robertson, Alia Swastika, Megan Tamati-Quennell.