St Paul st Gallery AUT

Past Exhibitions

Sculpture Season 2010

William Hsu, Kah Bee Chow, Clara Chon, Carol Lee-Honson, Tiffany Rewa Newrick, Diane Atkinson, Museum of True History (MOTH), Erica van Zon, Anthony Cribb and Agnes So

Curated by Melissa Laing

11 February 2010 - 1 May 2010

Gallery Three

Carol Lee-Honson and Tiffany Rewa Newrick, Scultpure Season 2010 (installation view), 2010.

ST PAUL St is pleased to present the Sculpture Season 2010, taking place in Gallery Three from February 11 – May 1. Featuring new work from eleven artists, over six exhibitions, each two weeks long, the Sculpture Season 2010 provides an opportunity to experience the diversity of current sculptural practice in New Zealand.

Throughout the season the artists will connect with the idea of sculpture in many ways. Making works that range from hand laboured models and exquisitely crafted objects, to ephemeral performative actions such as trying to capture light, or define a sculptural space by filling it with movement; their works trace a trajectory between two trends in sculptural engagement, on one end the production of the sculptural object, and on the other, its dematerialisation

The artists present multiple possibilities for engaging with the world through sculpture. Accessing disciplines as diverse as history, sociology, philosophy, politics, botany, ecology and geology they use the process of research to expand the arena of their art. They meld this research with the personal gesture or action, through this stepping away from the academic connotations of research and accessing forms of communication predicated on the idiosyncratic experiment, the personal connection and the heroic task.

February 11 - 20: William Hsu

February 25 - March 6: Kah Bee Chow and Clara Chon

March 11 - 20: Carol Lee-Honson and Tiffany Rewa Newrick

March 25 - April 3: Diane Atkinson

April 8 - 17: Museum of True History (MOTH) and Erica van Zon

April 22 - May 1: Anthony Cribb and Agnes So

Sculpture Season 2010 is accompanied by a catalogue incorporating an art work by Nick Spratt. The Sculpture Season 2010 is curated by Melissa Laing.