St Paul st Gallery AUT


White Night: SaVAge K'lub activates Still, Like Air, I'll Rise

ST PAUL St Galleries One & Two

8 – 10pm

18 March 2017 - 18 March 2017

SaVAges @ Brisbane, QAGOMA, 2016.

At 8pm following on from David Fane’s Der Papālagi reading in Gallery Three, SaVAge K’lub will activate the gallery spaces and surrounds of Still, Like Air, I’ll Rise.

SaVAge K’lub presents 21st Century South Sea SaVAgery, "influencing art and culture through the interfacing of time and space, deploying weavers of words, rare anecdotalists, myth makers, hip shakers, navigators, red faces, fabricators, activators, installators to institute the non-cannibalistic cognitive consumption of the other."

Still, Like Air, I’ll Rise
Galleries One and Two 6 – 10.00pm

Hannah Brontë, Esther Ige, Lisa Reihana, Skawennati, Salote Tawale, Leafa Wilson & Olga Krause.
Curated by Abby Cunnane and Charlotte Huddleston
24 February 2017 - 31 March 2017

There is an element of triumph in every gesture of defiance. “But still, like air, I’ll rise” wrote Maya Angelou in 1978. Writing of resilience under oppression, she is speaking for her race and gender in an address of historical and structural oppression of Black Americans. It’s an attitude of powerful dissent that the works in this exhibition have in common. The works in Still, Like Air, I’ll Rise have no patience for generalising rhetoric around ‘making change’. Rather each attends to its specific social-political context, and the gestures are direct.

Still, Like Air, I’ll Rise is presented in association with Auckland Arts Festival 2017.

The SaVAge K'lub activiation has been made possible with the support of Creative New Zealand.